Call Of Spartan




Real-time strategy set during the Roman Empire


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Call Of Spartan is a real-time management and strategy game in which you have to create an empire strong enough to defeat your enemies. You'll have to build and improve all kinds of buildings in your territory, as well as recruit soldiers. You'll need a big army to fight against all your enemies.

The difference between this game and others like it is that the battles in Call Of Spartan aren't automatic. You'll actually have to lead your troops onto the battlefield, choosing where they go and using your special abilities at the right moments.

When you win battles, you'll earn money that you can invest in your empire or use to buy experience to level up your troops. The stronger your troops, the better your chances of winning on the battlefield.

Call Of Spartan is an entertaining real-time strategy game which has great graphics and a gameplay that's fun and easy to learn.

Requires Android 4.1 or higher

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